Making Dreams Come True

Thanks for visiting our site!  I love what I do and love working with brides, grooms, and folks who are looking for artistic design elements for their events and gardens.  


When I'm not working you can find me riding my bike, out in nature with my husband, walking my two dogs, binging on Top Chef, or drinking Brandy Old Fashioned's with my daughters.

Patty Charlson-Mueller
Florist & Landscape Designer 

Turning a Vision into Reality

Patty is a multi-faceted artist who is constantly reinventing herself and finding new mediums to express her visions. She studied pottery and painting in college.  After raising her three daughters she took her passion for gardening and art and studied to become a landscape designer.  After working as a designer for 10 years she followed her dream and began Artistic Gardens.  Patty began Artistic Gardens in 2009 when landscaping was out of reach for many people with the mission to provide homeowners the means to landscape their own yard with a budget they can afford and still obtain professional results


She received floral design training while working at Dekalb Florist for 15 years. After Dekalb Florist closed its doors she wanted to continue working with brides to help them use flowers to express their style in unique ways.


She brings her initial same mission to her work as a floral designer. She provides her clients with polished options that fit within their budget, whether they prefer professionally designed arrangements or coaching to create their own unique creations for their wedding or event.